The internet blues

These days we watch our music
And scroll through the news
We tweet our philosophies
And 'like' to express our views
Yes we've got the internet blues
We publish our innermost secrets
Post photos of our stews
We 'chat' with anyone who'll 'friend' us
Strangers make up our crews
Yes we've got those internet blues
'Sharing' is our caring
Celebrity photos are our truths
Acronyms replace laughter
Colon dash brackets replace the Blues
As we pay our internet dues
Comment threads are our barricades
Without the crowd, we cannot choose 
Selfies are the art du jour
Virtual reality the booze
Tell me are you feeling those internet blues
Screens are our companions
We need apps to help us snooze
We constantly seek approval 
Not getting it skews our moods
It's real bad case of internet blues
Yes, technology is the nirvana
From it all ecstasy spews
Data oils what they give us
We've no privacy left to lose
Cause we gave it up to pay our dues

In return for what? The internet blues!

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