On the Cork to Dublin train

On the Cork to Dublin train
For Myles O’Reilly

She's taking me home

In this solar flare                                                                        She's taking me home
In this sonic seal                                                                         She's taking me home
In this protean blur                                                                   She's taking me home

SHE is taking me home

This spectral being                                                                    She's taking me home
This goodly frame                                                                      She's taking me home
This moving image                                                                    She's taking me home

She IS TAKING me home

Like a chaperone                                                                        She's taking me home
Like a bounty hunter                                                                She's taking me home
Like a shining knight                                                               She's taking me home

She is taking ME home

From my time of fear                                                                 She's taking me home
From my tussle with death                                                    She's taking me home
From my hour of need                                                             She's taking me home

She is taking me HOME

To where some remain                                                           She's taking me home
To where we reprise                                                                She's taking me home
To where life itself is enough.

“Please take your personal belongings with you when you leave the train.”

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