A would-be web celeb writes a poem

I’ve posted something genius on the web
I think it's going to make me a celeb.
The reaction's (let me check) … No! Pathetic!
The whole internet’s gone just so cosmetic.

I thought I would be totally magnetic,
But it seems my self-belief was not prophetic.
Everyone there’s clearly just a pleb
To fail to see my fab-ness on the web.

How else can I explain these unjust ebbs
In my appeal, but to blame it on the plebs!
As you can tell I’m act-ually quite poetic
With, you’ll agree, a very admirable aesthetic.

Well anyhow the whole thing's so synthetic,
Everyone pretending to be empathetic.
So it seems now my ego's on the ebb:
I’m giving up on becoming a celeb.

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