The high rising intonation, also known as uptalk, upspeak, rising inflection or high rising terminal

To me the high rising intonation (the practice of ending assertions with rising pitch) is an infection raging like an epidemic through our population. We need a vaccine and a cure before we lose our identity.


James Gorman in an On Language column "Like, uptalk?":
I had no idea that a change in the "intonation contour" of a sentence, as linguists put it, could be as contagious as the common cold. But before long I noticed a Jekyll-and-Hyde transformation in my own speech. I first heard it when I myself was leaving a message. "This is Jim Gorman? I'm doing an article on Klingon? The language? From 'Star Trek'?" I realized then that I was unwittingly, unwillingly speaking uptalk.

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