Lawyers told to write less in developer’s case

~ No skimming, now! ~
Lady Justice Arden said length matters and costs will be reduced if documents are shorter. She said it was “really important” that courts are not “overburdened” with “extensive discursive” written arguments. 

“What we are after is quality, not quantity, and small is beautiful,” she told barristers at a Court of Appeal hearing in London. 

“It makes it more costly for other people to get legal advice if judgments are longer and advisers have to spend more time reading them. 

“They are going to be longer if the skeleton arguments, witness statements, and all the rest of it are longer than they need to be. 

“Secondly, if judgments are overlong, that makes it difficult to find out what the law is. 

“Thirdly, overlong judgments, as I am sure you know, make English law less competitive when parties or international courts have a choice whether to use English law or not.”  (Irish Examiner) >

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