Received this email the other day...

Heeyyyy there,

How's your Thursday going? Hope it's treating you well.  I've a brand new band here called ******, all the way from New York, and just wanted to whack over their sexy album over for review consideration.  They're so new we've not even written their first press release yet!  Do you think you, or one of your lovely team, could write up something in the form of a review for their album '********' for The Journal Of Music?  Download link below! 

Of course, all reviews will be added to our lovely site and their digital press book, as well as social media love from ourselves to enhance exposure of your slamming site AND quotes on the press releases too!

Will hit you up with some rare, special and exclusive ******* opps in a little while.

Let me know either way, it'd be good to hear from you!

Ffi x

Everything was going tolerably well (– even the over-familiar and unnecessarily jovial tone wasn't putting me off too much) until the second paragraph - written as if there is meant to be, understood to be, accepted by all to be something in this for the media. THERE ISN'T or shouldn't be, at least, and I reject all advances that suggest otherwise.

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