Tim Radford's 25 commandments for journalists

Tim Radford has published his own writing rules in the Guardian here >>>>

My favourite:

"You are not writing to impress the scientist you have just interviewed, nor the professor who got you through your degree, nor the editor who foolishly turned you down, or the rather dishy person you just met at a party and told you were a writer. "
"Nothing sends a reader scurrying to the crossword, or the racing column, faster than pomposity. "
"It is precisely because issues – medicine, politics, accountancy,... – are complicated that readers turn to ... papers ... expecting to have them made simple."
"If you are a science writer, you occasionally have to bandy words that no ordinary human ever uses, like phenotype, mitochondrion, cosmic inflation, Gaussian distribution and isostasy. So you really don't want to be effulgent or felicitous as well. You could just try being bright and happy."

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