Sarah Carey lists the failings of Fianna Fáil

Because they have been wrong. About everything.

About the guarantee, about Croke Park, about AIB, about Anglo, about lame budgets and the likelihood of bailouts (which has been inevitable all along). But that’s just since September 2008.

There was all the wrongness that preceded that. The condescending tripe that Fianna Fáil were the great managers of the economy. The moral superiority and desperate naivety of the Greens who put them back in power.The danger of keeping one party in power for 20 years with the same set of comfortable mandarins protecting each other in their palaces of permanency. The insanity of benchmarking. The auctioning of votes with hard cash. The sneering at honest men who just didn’t understand the necessity for cute hoorism and populism. The deluded masses who voted for men who they knew – knew – were dishonest because they thought they could pull off one last stroke and avoid our fate. (From Irish Times >>> )

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