How we fool ourselves

"To look at bodies abandoned on a rubbish tip, to write details of torture ... To risk a gaze at such wounds of humanity is to choose to be changed forever.

The conservative can exist in comfort only by averting his gaze. To choose to know is to risk being presented with a dilemma. That dilemma, put simply, is that, once one knows, one can, from that moment, live only in the bad faith of guilty silence or act." Michael D Higgins TD - a passage from his speech accepting the Sean MacBride Peace Prize in 1992.

>>> Yes, and we might take it a step further in order to be completely honest: the truth is most of us are living in the bad faith of guilty silence all the time, because whether we have looked ... written ... gazed or not, most of us do actually know; we know there are those who are being denied the chance to live dignified, meaningful lives because of our complacency and our greed; but we choose to convince ourselves that we cannot act. And we go on.

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