Live communications

Just heard Barry Brophy speaking on the Pat Kenny show & he seems like a rock of sense when it comes to this issue of speaking in public & making presentations. His book, The Natural Presenter, is out now >>>

His website & blog are well worth taking a look at too >>> some great writing & advice, for example: "I recently bought a CD of late piano works by Liszt, and I was reading the sleeve notes - rarely an edifying experience - when I came on the following line: 'These works were considered suitable for reading, not for performance'. At the time, I was really getting into the music...that is, until I read this. Suddenly I wondered if it was really all that good, and I also wondered - if the music was unfit for human ears - why had the record label recorded it, and why had the record shop charged me 15.99 to purchase it. The experience exactly mirrored something I often say when giving courses, namely: never apologise."

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