Arguing rhetoric (with a teenager!)

Just had to take note of a few things in this Jason Robert Brown email argument about stealing music online >>>

"And your answer is sophistry, Brenna. That same scenario could take place exactly the same way if you paid for the music. And that's how that scenario is SUPPOSED to take place. You assume that because a good thing comes from an illegal act, it's therefore mitigated. That's nonsense. I'm glad people want to sing my songs, and I'm glad that when other people hear them, they enjoy them – that doesn't mean I surrender my right to get paid for providing the sheet music."

"arguing with teenagers is a zero-sum game, as I've learned from my experience on both ends of the argument. You insist on your right to think you know everything and do whatever you want, and anyone who corrects you or tries to educate you otherwise is the enemy; I don't wish to be the enemy, I'm just a guy trying to make a living."

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