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"I am sorry, this is not music, though performed by musicians; it is bombast with high production values, Led Zeppelin for the newly posh." That was Enda O’Doherty in Irish Times today discussing contemporary problems with classical music's position >

CEOs whose companies miss earnings targets give the game away with the words they use, writes PROINSIAS O'MAHONY >>

Straight talkers used “I”, “me”, “mine” v deceptive execs preferred “the team”, “the company”, “they” and “their” references.

Contradiction in soc: women's rights to be as overtly sexual as they choose v women as terrified potential rape victims>

The real meaning behind the media trained PR splurge of a seeminly meaningless celebrity interview (Mullally in Tribune)>

RT @bengoldacre: Journalism Warning Labels: totally excellent>>> GENIUS

What should medicine do when it can’t save your life? by Atul Gawande This New Yorker article is essential reading >>>

Bought myself the complete set of Buntús Cainte so that I don't get left out of conversations here anymore >

John Bowman described Robert Love's piece on cholera & murder in Philadelphia as an “outstanding article" >

Young Model's questions to Sean Mc were a riot > "What's on your iPod?"; "What's your fantasy car?"; but Sean a gentleman as ever!

"I am supremely unqualified to be a member of the Oireachtas: I can’t do my expenses properly." > Miriam Lord in Times

"The idea that the ability to win a popularity contest at local level should be a prerequisite to running the country is an absurd one"Times

"Many young people in Ireland do not hold strong political opinions, but this is a result, not a cause, of a failed political establishment"

Though I like & admire @robinb a whole bunch, uncomfortable with some of the way he sees the world (of enterprise). Need to examine why!

Music, it has apparently been said, "washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life" >>

Irish culture is not merely about Gaelic art, music and sport. Cronyism is at the heart of the Irish personality. (Yates in Examiner)

Are you trying to tweet your way into celebrity/fame?

Plans afoot to stalk the wild rhubarb (Times) (Why not a peace treaty, I say >>

Refreshing to hear someone go to places in what they are saying that take the journalist by surprise & where the journalist follows. Strong, hard-hitting, frank analysis of regulator & more general criticism of banks. Well done @karldeeter & @morning_ireland! Cool. For once on RTE Radio we're hearing some thinking that isn't off a press release. @karldeeter re regulator on EBS.

Sheesh is the mot du jour for me & primus filia these days.

"the vacuum of profitable progress" > a phrase from The Lazarus Project by Aleksandar Hemon.

Instead of honest analysis, we are forced to listen to so-called economic commentators bleating about inconsequential press releases > McW

via @architectmark Novelists invent the characters for their stories; architects have to work with clients for theirs.

He was in two minds about most issues. His bum was forever numb from sitting on the fence.

"the Whitewashed Warriors who obscenely scrawled “Brits Out” on the nose of Ben Bulben" > Benedict Kiely (Times archive)

You can’t always get what you deserve in Ireland, but if you try sometimes you might find you don’t even get what you need. #homelessness

What’s the word for the mental contortions we do to try to turn an otherwise unnoteworthy, fleeting observation into a tweet?

How much of world’s resources are depleted with a tweet? Will we ever feel guilty about tweeting too much as we do now about wasting H20?

B2B sales tip: if you haven’t got the phone in your hand, you are probably fooling yourself!

The fact that paying for 12 months on your motor tax saves you €65 is another reflection of the hypocrisy of our State. The poor made poorer

First wasp of the season just in the window, making my frame tingle in time with his buzzing. Stop electrocuting my air, please!

@GrantaMag re RTing being a form of plagiarism, I’d be more concerned about people misquoting me by “editing” the original in the RT.

Having been disappointed & disillusioned by McCann & Geoff Dyer (rarely don’t finish books), delighted to start Hemon’s Lazarus Project …”All the lives I could live, all the people I will never know, never will be, they are everywhere. That is all the world is.” (Hemon)

You can take a piece of string to the bush, but you can’t make it like home.

Sickened, ired by the irrationality of human behaviour.
“Dada, your face is naked.” — Róise, age 4
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The penman endward plots his wearying way, and leaves the world in darkness to me.

(from Michael) The writer packs his pen with gems and puns from his mind and flies upstairs to dispel. I go back to my young, worms in beak.

The starling packs her beak with worms & grubs from our lawn and flies off to feed her young. I go back to processing words, coffee in hand.

Who buys books about crooks & gangland goings on? Mostly those mentioned & associates, I’d say. And I’d say the authors know that. Symbiosis

Too timid to tweet.

Between @ s, RTs, VIAs, and RT’ing of @ s & RTs, I get very confused sometimes about who said what.

“Politicians insist no favours are provided in return for donations. That self-serving bluster no longer carries any conviction.” (Times ed)

Bout of GTD inertia.

Some very balanced thinking on display in Times ed today. Perhaps too easy on politicians who should have shouted stop. Times ed: “Absurd to suggest the economic mess was deliberately engineered”. SOME of causes WERE engineered, vaguely & subtly. CAPITALISM Yes, we have to move beyond the “angry phase”, but not yet & not until those same politicians are GONE & have fessed up to mess THEY enabled

Head shops: part of what we are- overwhelming need in so many of us to get out of our heads any way we can, legally or illegally (Sindo)
The Hunky Dorey pictures are wrong, not as rape is wrong, but in a grating, irritating, lesser way .. because part of a ‘pornified’ culture (Times)

“an Irish solution to an Irish problem: a euphemism for the worst in our nod-and-wink political culture, for hypocrisy on stilts” (Times ed)

Criminality is directly proportional to society’s failure to teach everyone how to put themselves in others’ shoes.

The harder you have to work to pay your bills, the less chance you have of being an activist, a force for change, someone who can say STOP.

Co.s following co.s & ne’er a one paying the slightest attention to others = a slow-moving, 1-d stream of logo avatars spewing spin.

Entrepreneurs (including social ones) who are involved with developing new ideas ought to pay less tax than the rest of us.

President McAleese: Tabloidism, anecdote and stereotype are an inevitable feature of our freedom of speech (from speech to IIEA)
Ever wonder when the longing for things to be over will end, and you’ll be able live firmly in the present at last?

From time to time, I catch myself adopting the facial expressions to go with the sentiment of what I am typing.

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Just skimmed 37 Signals book REWORK pdf. Apt title, perhaps, in that it has the feel of someone re-working a lot of standard 2.0 thinking.
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Sutherland had opportunity to change culture of Irish banking. Had he taken it, “we” would not be in loin-girding business now, says O’Toole. Sutherland has sailed blithely onwards, indefatigably smug & unshakeably self-assured. Sutherland’s illusion: a “we” that includes ordinary citizens & high-flyers of global finance in a shared pain. There is no such “we”. Sutherland’s “we” is now more copious, stretching as it does to the whole field of global finance capitalism.

I think of this line “Be kind to your web-footed friend, for a duck may be somebody’s mother” when I make a driving mistake & get that look.

Kerrigan: “We didn’t screw up the country. You did. That’s not gratuitous blame, it’s necessary fact.”

Kerrigan: It’s not we, but politicians and the people on behalf of whom they currently act, and their media cheerleaders, who are in denial.

Kerrigan: “the markets” is code for ruthless people, working for commission for billionaires, who just advance their short-term interests

Speaking of FOT, I interviewed him years ago for Cara mag. “When I told my mother that I had interviewed Fintan O’Toole”

AIB’s “Bankcentre” (facing RDS) has feel of a Government building since the plaza was put in. Not alone in that thought

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