Our Community Our Call - micro-enterprise idea


You might have heard about ‘Your Country Your Call’, the massively promoted campaign spearheaded by Martin McAleese, the president’s husband, with the aim to ‘reward your thinking’ thus ‘creating jobs and opportunity.’

The two winning ideas will be announced on September 17th winning €100k and a further €500k to develop their ideas. Now is the time for big ideas right?

What saps most hope from seedling ideas isn’t the financing of them, which comes much later, but the support to articulate and develop them, the knowledge of who to approach and how best avoid ‘your call on hold’ scenarios.

How about a ‘Our Community Our Call’ with grants of €5k+ coupled with mentoring and infrastructural support?

We’re thinking side panels rather than front page headlines here. Grassroots over billboards. Graft, patience and learning over consultants, PR and celebrity endorsements.

Who wants to be heard loud and clear this week – Michaelor Ciaran?

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