Stop the lazy jibes and cliches, says Lenihan

From the Irish Independent today:

FINANCE Minister Brian Lenihan said last night he was meeting public anger every day, even after a "momentous and difficult year" that followed the bank guarantee.

Mr Lenihan said people had to "get over our anger" to make progress. But he said people had a new sense of realism, before adding: "I despair at times at the standard of public discourse about our current difficulties.

"I'm certainly not objecting to political rhetoric -- we need that, and we need plenty of it. But I do find it dispiriting to see, at times, the lazy and cliche-ridden discussion that takes place in certain quarters.

"Of course the issues at the heart of our banking difficulties are not easy to explain. NAMA is certainly no soap opera. But the reluctance of some commentators to grapple with the arguments, to go beyond the loaded cliche and the populist jibe, does a real disservice to the public."

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Penhire said...

Here's some straight-up, quality rhetoric, Minister:

How about some straight-up, quality answers?