Mike Scott (an 'enterprising' spirit!) & the art of business?

In @darraghdoyle 's interview, @MickPuck spoke about (to paraphrase & interpret, perhaps) our senses of spirituality, art & even (shock!) enterprise as all coming from a single impulse: an “inner knowing”, “inner connection”, an intuitive feeling of something being right; “nothing mystical, no big deal”.

Being a bit of dreamer, myself, ('Allons, the road is before us') or what some see as ‘creative’, and having spent many years studying literature and a good deal of time getting familiar with art and music, and yet finding myself now making my living in the business world (Dream Harder!), I’ve long been interested in where they intersect.

When I find myself excited about some new idea I have for our website, or lying awake at night figuring out the best way solve a problem that is holding us back, or it suddenly dawns on me that we could take off in a whole new direction with some service that we can provide, I sometimes find myself thinking about artists and how the creative process works for them.

And while in business the end result is often not as mind-blowing for others as it is in artistic production, the experience of the idea-generation, the creative flow, the breakthrough thought is possibly very similar in feel for the person, whether they are creator, entrepreneur, inventor, scientist, or just someone walking down the street letting their mind wander.

What seems to me to be at the heart of all these creative impulses (including "spirituality", oddly) is a letting go of the mind, freeing it from OBVIOUS thoughts of what is known and can be taken for granted, to allow it to perhaps chance upon new connections.

"Spirituality" & art are based on an impulse, merely an inner knowing/connection (nothing mystical) - even a successful businessman who gets an intuitive feeling about which deal is going to work is doing the same thing; it's a natural thing.

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