Where do you stand on p2p downloading etc?

There's a few comments on Twitter at the moment that make me wonder about people's thinking on downloading material that is under a copyright owned by a third party who has not sanctioned the copying.

Do take the poll over yonder and leave a comment if you want to help clarify the matter.
(In using this image, I am in breach of a copyright owned by Acclaim Images: Irrespective of the fact that I have acknowledged the source, I have still effectively stolen the image, I might just as well have walked into their office and run off with an original. They have every right to come after me and even prosecute me. Of course, I have done this for effect.)

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Penhire said...

That one vote is mine! Yet, using, I know that at least 30 people visited this item on the day I posted it. None chose to vote: from which I conclude that either they couldn't be bothered or couldn't confront themselves on the uncomfortable issue.