Tesco v Unicef over slogan

From an article by John Gibbons in today's Irish Times ( about Tesco's use of a slogan that Unicef had put to very good effect for a very good cause:

"Tesco’s response – www.irishtimes com/newspaper/ireland/2009/0725/1224251305112.html – appears to infer it had simply never heard of the Unicef slogan."

Gibbons ask "Could it really be that not a single Tesco executive has flown transatlantic with our national carrier in the last two decades?"

"Tesco’s legal loophole is that even though Unicef had trademarked the phrase “Change for Good”, this only protects it for charitable and not commercial usage."


But fair play to John Gibbons - he has found the perfect way of getting back at the supermarket group:

"I have registered a non-commercial website where this article, as well as links to other material examining the practices of the multiples, will be hosted. I have never heard of anyone else using a similar slogan, so who could possibly object? The address is:"

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