In this downward phase of the economic cycle ...

In this downward phase of the economic
cycle, I despair of pre-tax growth,
the yield from R & D, lose heart.
Our boardroom’s abstract art infuriates me:
dashed-off blobs and squiggles. Trash.
I resent the easy fortunes some make,
smarmy copywriters in white suits,
that painter flogging half-baked wares
for my likes to feel foolish near.
Time again to clear my desk; nothing achieved,
Another bitty, gruelling, inconclusive day.

(Dennis O'Driscoll, numer 21 from The Bottom Line sequence, in New and Selected Poems, Anvil)

The resonance of this poem with so much going on around here forces me to try to draw attention to it.

In an effort to make up for my flagrant but necessary breach of copyright I'd like to suggest you buy this wonderful collection of poetry from a master of the understated poem:

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