Can ice cream be sublime?

Goldenhill's package copy runs:

Goldenhill fresh farmhouse ice cream is handmade on a small family farm high in the Wicklow mountains. We use only the best natural ingredients including fresh milk and cream - straight from our cows to your ice cream. We know where our cows go at night and we know each one by name. All this makes for a delicious farmhouse ice cream that tastes sublime.

It's not bad as copy goes; maybe just a tad rough around the edges. I think better structuring of it could have made more of the fact that it is their cream, from their own cows.

But that aside, I'm wondering about the use of the word SUBLIME (lofty, awe-inspiring, majestic). Not only is it on the wrong side of the neuron, i.e. more to do with thought processing than with the directness of the senses (with which food is usually associated), is it not also a bit too fancy a word to get the point across? Furthermore, it seems to me to be an extreme example of language inflation. If ice cream is sublime, what word are we going to use for experience or art that lifts us up into our highest realms of insight?

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