Bellow on business (from Humboldt's Gift)

[While negotiating a movie deal] I felt very much in command. So this was business. Julius [his brother], was forever urging me to recognise what he liked to call the Romance of Business. And was this the Romance of Business? Why it was nothing but pushiness, rapidity, effrontery. The sense it gave of getting your way was shallow. Compared with the satisfaction of contemplating flowers or of something really serious - trying to get in touch with the dead, for instance - it was nothing, nothing at all.

... All this while, you see, business was going on. Business, with the peculiar autonomy of business, went its own way. Like it or not, we thought its thoughts, spoke its language. What did it matter to business that I suffered defeat in love, or that I resisted [a woman] with her urgently blazing face, that I investigated the doctrines of anthroposophy? Business, sure of its own transcendent powers, got us all to interpret life through its practices. Even now, when Kathleen and I had so many private matters to consider, matters of the greatest human importance, we were discussing contracts options producers and sums of money.

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