Google's contrived marketing

The first paragraph of Google's recent letter to 1000s of businesses around the country is about targeting your audience.

Apart from the fact that I found it astonishing that Google is using snail mail for their marketing; I found it ironic that for a company that is into maps and retrieving information et cetera, the letter to me was addressed Blessington, Naas, Co Kildare. (Blessington is in Co Wicklow, and not in Naas. The sorting office may be there, but that's no excuse for the very basic geographical mistake.)

So they got me alright, but they didn't target me so well.

(I also didn't think much of their sign off: "I look forward to welcoming you to Google AdWords." which I find a bit empty and formulaic for a company that is meant to encourage fresh thinking. And then they use a P.S. at the end which I sometimes recommend to clients but labelled One more thing .... instead of P.S., which is too old-fashioned and is actually inapproriate in that it comes from a time before printing when the writer remembered they wanted to say something else after they'd already signed off the letter. Google's P.S. is also just a summary of the message within the letter so it comes across as nothing more than a cheap marketing contrivance.

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