Another promotion, another caption

Appearing (yet again) today at the (PR photo-shoot) launch of (yet another) promotion to (re-)offer even more extra added value to its customers (in the form of a getting them to spend more dosh on stuff that falls apart in weeks), the Group Brand Vice President Top Dog Executive of the Mostly Important Marketing & Sales Department, Seymore Smiles (B.A.Hons, M.R.M.A.D., F.A.B.A.B.S.N.G.O.N.A.D.S., F.O.O.L.) (definitely should have) said: "We are delighted to be yet again standing around here in the freezing cold in our longjohns and suits with this scantily clad chick from my favourite agency showing her how to pose for our latest whacky ideas for shots and props in front of the only presentable part of the only one of our outlets that we'd dare have appear in the trade mag. And now that we've gone to all this trouble to make something out of it, we damn well better get on the cover, and hey you! lucky customer who happens to see the old greasy, dog-eared copy of this issue in the local car showroom waiting porch damn well better appreciate it and be damn well way more inclined to buy from us or we won't organise any more of these promos or titillating photoshoots. OK?" (but didn't because he knew he was paying Priscilla PR way over the odds to come up with a formula of words that would be about the same as their competitor's from the last issue).

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