Twisted people undermining our ability to make a living

Trying to deal with this nightmare. Some nasty code typed up by some nasty human beings in some part of the world or other has found its way into our server and infected quite a few of our websites including

(The "Trojan" label romanticizes and softens what is in fact vandalism and criminal behaviour. It reminds me of the phenomenon of giving crooks nicknames: it is wrong-headed of us to go along with such euphemisation/euphemistication of what is actually nasty and dangerous wrong-doing by people who should really be behind bars and forgotten about by society at large.)

Imagine you're looking for a copywriter and someone recommends a company called Penhire, so you put into your address bar and up pops this nasty notice: Reported Attack Site!

You try Google instead and you get this:

Which brings you to this >>>

"What the hell!" you say to yourself, "I definitely amn't giving them the job."

Luckily, Penhire gets most of its business through word of mouth rather than through the website, but imagine if we relied on that site and were already struggling (like so many businesses at the moment) to get by - this might have been enough to put us over the edge.

Ian over in Kestrel ID is doing his best to get rid of the offending stuff (while 365 were of little help), but it's a mess and has already used up a considerable amount of my time and Ian's, which is of course costing.

If you have any insights into this, please do pass them on to me.

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