Through Dublin on a bike

Met a lot of people in Dublin today (travelling from meeting to meeting on my bicycle on one of the wettest days yet this miserable May):

Michael of FitzGerald Design and Swift Accounts
Dominic of McNally Handy
Ross of Research and Markets
Tony of Cronin Designs
Frank of Newstalk
Simon and Sue of Hederman
Maria of Fresh Design
Cian of the books

Spoke about a lot of things: from the jewellery that my wife makes but is nervous about selling, to the best way to market a highly specialised database of sales leads; from the bullying on price that some clients are trying to get away with, to the fear of losing clients to the growing numbers of freelancers prepared to work for very low fees; from the frustrations of not being able to track actual sold prices in the property market, to the reasons why some estate agencies are not subscribing to our commercial property database; from the idea of needing a PA, to the idea of needing somewhere to sleep in an open-plan office; from the best ways to describe a bookkeeping solution for the single person enterprise to the best ways to develop a personal finances management application; from the brass neck of burglars, to the brashness of teenagers.

It's no wonder I'm wrecked, and still up trying but failing to catch up on actual work.

O, a graphic designer is a person in your neighbourhood, in your neighbourhood, in your neighbourhood ... O, an entrepreneur is a person in your neighbourhood ... O, a web app developer is ... O, an MD is ....

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