Indo: Green candidate left red faced by key poster error

GREEN Senator Deirdre de Burca has got her European campaign off to a shaky start with a misspelling on her key poster.

She posed in front of the giant lorry-mounted poster, along with Green Party ministers Eamon Ryan and John Gormley, which promised "thouands" (sic) of green collar jobs for Dublin.
Ms De Burca last night admitted she had been unaware of the poster's missing s during the rain-sodden photo shoot outside Government Buildings.

"It's good to know so that I can prevent it happening with the other posters," she said.
A Green Party spokesman said the error had crept into the display poster even though the other posters had been printed correctly.

"File this under 's' for spilt milk," he said.

- Michael Brennan, Irish Independent.

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