A new consumer brand

Why has Penhire been so quiet of late? Because for the past year or more we have been working on a single project: developing a particular business and brand (owned by Paul and Sinead) derived from our other business, The Property Week, and it has taken up a lot of our time and energy. It is finally out there. is a consumer-facing service (our first) aimed at helping people with their property transactions. First of all, on anyone buying or selling a property (or even just considering it) can purchase a detailed report on the local market they are in. It will tell them a lot about what type of market it is, what average prices are for the various property types, and how prices and the market itself have been doing of late. The reports are based on the data we have been collecting for our PropertyWeek clients since 2003, amounting to details on practically every property that comes on the market. They are ordered online but delivered the old-fashioned way, by post, because we think they are more impressive in that form and people will be more likely to read them thoroughly.

Also on people in the market to buy property can register what they are looking for in our Brochures to Your Door section. We will then flag every property that comes on the market that matches their requirements and on their behalf ask the agent involved to post out the brochure to them. The idea of this is to save the person from having to browse around various websites and from never being sure they are seeing every property that would suit them.

Part of the service is also something called Which Agent? ( and that is aimed at helping people who are about to sell to appoint ("instruct") the best agent for them. It offers an interactive map showing where local agents are based and giving their contact details; it profiles agents; and it offers advice on dealing with agents.

In the marketing, we are starting small. We have just had Door to Door deliver 5000 A5 flyers to every home in Ranelagh. We are going to be doing some street-level flyer distribution today there too. We hope this will generate a certain amount of sales through the website and then we will do the same in a few other areas around the city. We may need to adjust the price of the reports (currently 39 Euros). We are also using our anaysis of the market to get word of the service out there, recently producing a report on the Dublin property market from 2005 to 2008 >>> and we will continue to produce regular reports on different aspects of the market and expect them to be newsworthy.

If sales go well enough, we plan to do some radio, press and outdoor advertising, but for now we will be relying on word of mouth more than anything, so please do pass on your knowledge of the service to anyone you think might be interested in one or other aspect of it.

Finally if you or someone you know is buying or selling or property AND can write well, we are offering FREE services to a number of people who join our blog team and write about their experiences of the market. Email

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