A new brand is born!

Penhire doesn't usually manage the development of a brand from scratch but we have done so with Pearl - a business based around an ambitious and talented dentist who has now combined his successful dental practice with a beauty salon and an online dental & beauty product shop. From a clipart logo and very little promotional material, we have helped them along the road to being a strongly identifiable business with a range of services and products being marketed in a variety of media, including website, blog, brochures, branded bags, posters and quality stationery.

With the help of various 3rd parties, including ourselves, CJ Print, and FitzGerald Design, (& a few banks, I'd say!) Pearl has made itself into a presence to reckon with in this market, with state-of-the-art studio spaces, a very professional staff excited by the new direction, and the communications to help them reach a whole new market.

It's odd but I have to admit I wouldn't have been totally comfortable myself with all the branding choices (even though Penhire was managing it), and had to allow the client to take it in various directions that went against my tastes. However, seeing it now all come together I can see that the vision the client had has been realised in a way that absolutely suits the markets - successfully crossing between the two quite different disciplines (dentistry & beauty) to create a style that addresses both appropriately and very well.
Thanks and well done to all involved, and I'm sure we all wish the brand a long and successful life!
(Thanks to Karolina Podlasin for her work on the logo.)

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