Pages is in beta, and so is their advertising

This is an online ad for What do they offer?

A new address for WEATHER? I don't get it at first. With some effort I can see that the weather idea connects with the “going out” bit (versus staying in if the weather is bad). [Confirmed by finding the small weather forecast bit on the homepage when you go there and study the page closely.] But I'm being asked to do too much work to see the connection.

The Light the Barbie reference in the fake web address that flashes up next ( also eludes me (I think of the doll!) until it is pointed out to me that it’s as in barbeque; which then makes sense of the Before it Lashes weather reference.

The ad excludes too many people. Advertising doesn’t have to be obvious to the point of being banal, but it shouldn’t be so awkwardly clever that people who may well want the product or service are lost.

What convinces me that this ad is a bit of a beta-communications mess is the way the Cocktail button symbolising going out flips to the question, "Stunned?" Stunned by what, I ask? And I just can’t figure that one out at all. By the fact that there's a new website for weather? Maybe if the message said, “Confused?” the entire concept would come together for me and I’d call it a great success.

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