We've won an award ...

... well, no, actually, we haven't, but I was doing some vanity Googling just then and noticed that we do come up on the ICAD website as the copywriters for a Silver in the consumer goods range for our work on Voya.

God bless Dynamo (Wendy & Amanda) for crediting us!
And while I'm on the ICAD subject (kinda), I'm really looking forward to the launch on September 4 of the Gold, Silver, Bronze, Green, awards book, in which we had a tiny involvement (tiny, at least, when compared to what we saw first-hand Maria at Fresh had on her plate for it, and tiny compared to what we can guess from the scale of the book a great deal many more companies did for it). Some of our copy is already there on the information about the book over at the ICAD website:
"It houses the best work from Advertising and Design in Ireland over the past five years and it also has a subtext - literally, a message under the text: the paper. The book is composed of six distinct types of environmentally-friendly paper uniquely bringing the six major paper companies in our industry together. In this unorthodox environment, all bound up together, each of our paper sponsors is helping us to deliver a powerful and important message about our ever-increasing ability to minimise the environmental impact of the paper we use so much of without sacrificing the quality so important in our work."

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