I came across this fawning gush about a property from the agent responsible for selling it:

"I have passed this home while it was being renovated and always wanted to see it. When I finally had the opportunity I walked inside and simply didn’t want to speak. This home does all the talking, it whispers a nostalgic reminder of times past and makes a startling contrast to the over presented showhomes and one of its closest neighbours is the sea. Its owner has created a wonderful space and I simply fell in love with it. No house can be perfect but this house comes astonishingly close."

It conjures up an awful image in my mind of how the agent got the instruction to sell the house from the vendor - ingratiating him/herself in a flow of smarmy praise for the house & the owner's taste; and criticising other houses in the meantime. If it's so perfect, why isn't the agent buying it? If I was a developer, I wouldn't be giving my "over-presented showhomes" to this agent to sell. Balance, please.

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