Bad, worse, worstest

Occasionally Snap sends out a piece of marketing that looks OK in a mass market context, but the most recent one is just so awful in every way they deserve to lose business by it.
An apparently naked woman is holding a poster of a dress up in front of herself; the poster is presented in three different sizes on three different pages of the flyer - biggest on the page titled Biggest, not as big on the page titled Bigger, and very awkwardly smallest on the page titled Big! This problematic layout is made worse by the fact that the Biggest page is the smallest page physically and also the first page of the flyer despite the natural order of the sequence being the other way round!

The main background is a virtual/computerised digiscape horror.

The fonts and colours are all over the place.

The layout mixes up too many messages in too many different directions.

Even the dress in the poster is not what you'd call "of the moment".

Sorry, I just don't get it. Why would anyone send this out as a marketing tool? It's horrible. The whole idea of it stinks and the execution of it makes the whole thing farcical.

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