Yeuch radio ad

The current radio ad, called something like "News as it happens", dealing with the Irish Times' new website,, is awful and seems to me way off-brand for the Times.

It starts off informative, quickly becomes facile, and rapidly descends into annoying idiotic & firvolous nonsense.

Some guy telling us that the new website offers us the news ... as it happens, and then he proceeds to illustrate it by turning his own choking on a bun & recovering into news coverage as it happens. I think maybe something along those lines could have worked, but it would have required a lot more work and a different take, something that could have been quirky and irreverant but still faithful to the character of Irish Times' brand.

Possibly what gets me more than the ad's failure is the voiceover guy's accent & the timbre of his voice. Aaaaaaaaagh, get it away from me, I feel everytime I hear it. Let him choke! It's probably a personal thing, a prejudice even, but hey! what can I do: it eats into me.

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