Honesty & over-promising in communications

Cloney Audio, the niche stereo shop in Blackrock where you get VIP-style individual attention and can ask really technical questions without inducing blank-face syndrome, ran an unusual ad on the back page of the Irish Times yesterday:

To the couple who waited so patiently on Saturday afternoon last - and then were not looked after in turn, I apologise and please be assured you will receive our utmost attention next time,

Cloney Audio, 55 Main Street, Blackrock,

It's good to be honest, and to apologise when you've let people down in business. However, there's another level of honesty that might be required in this kind of niche business: what happens if the next time the couple visit there's another customer being given the VIP treatment and the couple do NOT receive the utmost attention? Maybe the ad should have said something like "We're sorry for being so specialised that some customers will inevitably have to be sacrificed!"

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