VERY clever concept; too clever copy

3 ( has a new poster out that certainly does catch the eye. Unfortunately, the copy fails in my opinion: both because it is (sad reflection on society, perhaps) too clever and JUST A FRACTION too loose in its logic.

I assume "Broadband" is being used as a pun on "broads banned" (very Joycean) and therefore a reference to women not having been traditionally allowed to swim at the 40 foot (location), favoured as it was naturist men (shown in poster with parts covered). So what we're witnessing is NOT a bunch a crazy women deciding on a whim to go swimming naked in the sea - but a version of something that actually happened, when women in the 70s decided finally to demand an end to the restriction.

Brilliant, but surely a bit over the heads of too many people.

Gracefully accepting that most people would just miss that and see this as simply a Monty Python type moment (or Benny Hill, maybe), the ad could save still itself with a logical return to the product and the message. But the "Can you resist?" doesn't take the mind far enough along the path to business. Can I resist taking off my clothes and jumping in the sea? Can I resist making political points through attention-grabbing gestures? Can I resist fiddling with my thingie when I see naked women? If 3 was as established as, say, Crunchie (as in "Friday Feeling") this might work, but not when both broadband and the companies selling it require so much more work yet to get basic information across.

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