Our old friends, the Dublin Port Co, are at it again, and this time they've decided to muddy the waters even more by introducing a Wild West theme - the 1960s film, The Magnificent Seven - into the campaign to bring it to an end (I hope). What a waste of time! What an unholy mess of an ad! What a sin against good writing and great writers! Who in their right mind would drag a concept this far off course, and what kind of a client lets it go? A few observations - the main copy in the ad has nothing to do with the product itself as such; those bits of it that are connected with even travel, only just imply it, and some bits don't refer to it at all; the word "getaway" is used to unite the travel of the writers, yet many of them were doing no such thing, and anyway, it is surely not the thing that the Dublin Port Co should be or is promoting; the main copy takes up so much room, the hook ends up being but a footnote; the subheading connected with the Magnificent Seven, "They were but 7, they wrote like 700!", is not only ridiculous applied to writers (as the copywriter knows, shown by the exclamation mark), it is not even faithful to the movie's copy, which was "They were seven ... They fought like seven hundred."

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