The gestation of a maternity ad

We've just finished a magazine ad for a maternity hospital. It was great for us - Sinead did time (x 3) in Holles Street, and Paul did time in medicine - and we had strong opinions on it. It was a long enough process (7 or so drafts), and it changed course midstream when we decided to put a different approach ("Expecting?") to the client. One of the difficulties was getting the feel of the copy, the tone, right. The client didn't want anything "twee" but when we were taking the initial pure-information approach, it just didn't seem right - too clinical. We decided we needed to address the individual more personally, and wanted to do so acknowledging that no matter how "cool" we all are, how self-aware and sceptical our times are, there is something irresistibly "goo-goo" about pregnancy. (Just read Rachel Cusk's A Life's Work to witness how irony often just melts away in the face of this essential experience.) Anyway, we didn't get to go as far as we would have liked in that course, but the client-Penhire intermingling was fruitful and we think the resulting ad will grow into a fine, healthy communication.

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David Ogilvy's description: “Like a midwife, I make my living bringing new babies into the world, except that mine are new advertising campaigns.”