Some radio ads "belong in a leaflet"

Judging from comments made by industry players in an article in today's Irish Times about the annual advertising radio awards organised by Independent Radio Sales, there appears to be an unfortunate paucity of creativity in radio advertising production in Ireland.

The article reports that "Alan Cox, chief executive of Starcom Mediavest, one of the biggest ad agencies in the State, recently told delegates at the inaugural Independent Broadcasters of Ireland conference that the quality of radio advertising is 'garbage'."

Pearse McCaughey, group creative director in Cawley Nea, is quoted: " A huge amount of money is spent on radio advertising and you have to question how much of that money is wasted."

And awards judge, Ian Murray, creative director of McConnells Advertising, is quoted: "It wasn't that the awards were particularly bad this year. The poor standard was just par for the course. There are an awful lot of radio ads and most of them are completely uninspiring. Radio is a much abused medium. People create radio ads for messages that, in a lot of cases, belong in a leaflet. Artificial dialogue between two people has crept into a lot of ads and it's extremely ineffective. The problem for radio is that it is considered a cheap medium compared with TV. But aspiring copywriters should be aspiring to inspire. A single simple message is a basic imperative."

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