Pages's nonsense


In the current radio ad, the company claims to offer "something that can't": and it goes on to say that something is "more choice".

This is non-sense: can, of course, offer "more choice" ... "more choice" than, say,, or even than IN PARTICULAR WAYS.

The problem in this copy is that it clearly hasn't been worked out carefully enough in advance to deliver the required message unambiguously, and without tying up the logic in knots. It has all the awful feel of being run off quickly to meet a deadline or to minimise effort.

As Agent Provocateur has pointed out, it's not the first time have had problems in their advertising: 'The Advertising Standards Authority previously upheld a complaint by relating to an advertisement that claimed to be "Ireland’s largest property website with over 30,000 homes for sale and to rent right now”. Daft complained that it was the larger website and that the 30,000 figure was an exaggeration. The Advertising Standards Authority upheld the first claim but not the second.'

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