Wrecked: Dublin Port Company writers campaign

I've mentioned this campaign before, but the Sean O'Casey installment which is out there at the moment causes me to comment again. I find it startling that Dublin Port Company would choose the idea of exile to promote travelling by ferry, in the first place (their excuse is weak and badly put: "Weaving these [portraits] together with some of their famous quotes we see that Art, Literature and Sea travel can be combined for a great textured life." A great textured life?!)

But that general matter aside, it just amazingly sloppy of them to then permit very poor writing to dominate the ads. In this one, the clauses in the biog fragment are awkwardly arranged, the link between the quote and sea travel is forced, and the call to action is awkward in a grammatical way (- does one TAKE travel?) and in terms of the message (- travel in general is not what they are selling!).

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