Want to work with Penhire?

We're very keen to hear from people who already work in or would like to work in the field of business communications, particularly in copywriting or writing for business or commercial writing or whatever you call it.

BUT, we're very fussy; we must warn you ...

You need to be quite brilliant.

You need to write like Casanova seduced. You need to think in equations. You need to understand business and sales like you breathe. You need to work efficiently and research ruthlessly. You need to be geekishly fascinated by advertising, marketing, language, communications, business, selling and the way people's minds work.

And then you need to prove it. We will only take you seriously if you can show us clearly that you have these talents, skills and understanding.

Being a nice person would be a distinct advantage.

Contact Paul on if you are interested in going further with it. Ideally include samples of writing, ideally business writing and preferably not fiction or journalism or academic. DO NOT SEND EXTRACTS OF UNPUBLISHED OR EVEN PUBLISHED NOVELS OR SHORT STORIES! If you don't have samples of business writing, get some: take a few examples of marketing you don't like and rewrite the copy.

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