Smarmy copywriters in white suits

Used this poem in a lecture and a seminar yesterday at UL. Thanks to everyone there.

from The Bottom Line, Denis O'Driscoll


In this downward phase of the economic
cycle, I despair of pre-tax growth,
the yield from R & D, lose heart.
Our boardroom's abstract art infuriates me:
dashed-off blobs and squiggles. Trash.
I resent the easy fortunes some make,
smarmy copywriters in white suits,
that painter flogging half-baked wares
for my likes to feel foolish near.
Time again to clear my desk; nothing achieved,
another bitty, gruelling, inconclusive day.

Also read a long passage from Johua Ferris' novel Then we came to the end. Will upload that at another time.

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