Poetry in advertising - g hotel

“I am quiet, I am relaxed, I’m happy, I have all that I need, all that I could wish for and I like it.”

Whispered lyrically by Joanna Lumley, these are the opening lines to a radio advert for the g hotel in Galway.

The advert continues…

“I do not care what the world thinks of me for I no longer exist in that world. I am my own world. I am a sea of sensual satisfaction. I am a story, a story of bliss from the g hotel.”

The company responsible for the advert, the hive, correctly recognised that when a product seeks to be recognised as ahead of the market, it should be communicated on new terms.

The temptation to highlight the high-end interior design, spa and leisure centre and Galway coastline were all resisted and instead the advertisment seeks to evoke visions of opulence and personal satisfaction through personifying the experiences of a great hotel stay.

The suggestiveness continues on the hotel’s website…

“I am gloss”

“I am vivacious”

“I am an overnight case packed for three days”

“I am nail varnish”

“I am glances, flashes”


This is creative copywriting at it's best.

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Penhire said...

I think this is possibly one of the best radio ads I've ever heard. I'd use the word genius, nearly. Well done to all involved. You might let us know how the whole thing developed and especially how you settled on Ms Lumley.