Seaweed-obsessed client: Voya

We've been working with Voya (previously Celtic Seaweed Baths, and subjects of one of The Mentor shows on RTE) for a couple of years now, and they've been very busy in terms of copy: product pack copy, website copy, flyer copy and much else besides. The branding and designs (by Dynamo) have always impressed me - really beautiful, perfect for the product and stand-out on the shelf. Mike Bunn's photography has worked perfectly too. And I'm glad to say that the copy (to which Penhire has contributed) has been appreciated by no less than an NDP cosmetic consultant:

"This is probably the best pack copy I have seen in years. Honest, truthful and above all very informative. An excellent job that will not only appeal to the consumer, but also the Trading Standards Officer (in a good way!). Good on natural, nostalgia and green issues."

Delighted to see the new product range doing so well.

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