Mount Wolseley in Business Post

There was a very well designed ad for property at Mount Wolseley in the Business Post property supplement yesterday. There was also an "insert" glossy magazine style publication for the same place within the folds of the paper. And I would be willing to bet my last euro that the two marketing items were produced by completely different people. What a contrast they make. The ad is good-looking, elegant, simple, clean; well put together by a talented, experienced design team. The magazine is just a big mess. (Sorry folks!) The design is all over the place, elements just not fusing or flowing, items dropped any which way here there and everywhere; layout totally lacking in style and cohesion, with structural logic close to non-existent. And then the copy: appalling; weak, cliche-ridden brochure-speak right the way through 15 pages of writing. Sloppy, unstructured sentences dominate. (One especially annoying element is the reminder on every page in the graphic block on the outside margins that "The Mount Wolseley Hotel, Spa & Country Club is part of the Lismard Group" Is it really that important?) From a quick glance, I see a high rate of awful mistakes too, starting in paragraph three: "In every way Mount Wolseley is designed to compliment the history of the site ...." That "compliment", of course, means to praise, not to harmonise with!

There's nothing to praise in this publication, and neither does it harmonise with the brand (as treated in the display ad inside the newspaper at least).

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