DIY Brochures

The cheap approach to copywriting…

…is simply to cut-and-paste, to rehash old words and to generally make an unholy botch job of it all.

A good example of this is the brochure given I recently received from a Roscommon hotel. The text is appalling and gives the impression that it was written by someone who has trouble reading without moving their lips in synchronisation.

There’s too much to delve into it all but a quick example is the ‘Dining’ section of the brochure:

For a dining experience where casual elegance meets in a timeless relaxed atmosphere. The ‘Restaurant’ offers a varied range of wholesome yet innovative dishes prepared from only the freshest local produce and served with great care and attention to detail. With a view of the old Abbey ruins and its comfortable inviting interior, the ‘Restaurants’ ambiance is perfect whether dining for business or pleasure.“

  • “Where casual elegance meets…” meets what exactly?...punk-rock? It is nice to know that this meeting took place in a ‘timeless relaxed atmosphere’ though.
  • “Dining for business” in Paolo Tullio?
  • The ‘Restaurant’. This may go down as my favourite copywriting error ever. Sadly, self-control got the better of me and I refrained from using hand-gestured apostrophes to ask staff where the ‘toilets’ were.

A quick Google reveals the source of the text as being the web pages of a few different hotels and restaurants in the North-Western area. Most likely they all have the same owner or the text has been altered enough to avoid breaching copyright regulations but as you can see, the process of simply cutting and pasting strings of appealing words has its own dangers.

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