New homes straplines

Creating a strapline for the advertisement of a new homes development is not easy.

Unlike the marketing of, say, medication, soft drinks or deodorant, property advertising has to be mostly about lifestyle positioning - for beyond four walls and a roof, a lifestyle is what's on offer.

Distinguishing one lifestyle from another is the challenge, and the fact that most developments have the same target market (25-40 year-olds), and that there have in recent years been just so many
developments (and new homes advertising), originality is difficult to achieve.

One finds lots of references to 'you' and 'your life'; dynamic words like 'movement' and 'urban'; and must-haves such as 'luxurious' and 'chic'.

The following strap lines have been on view recently in the Irish Times property section.
  • "Make it your place"
  • "A short lesson in convenient living"
  • "A new approach to luxury"
  • "City style living with pleasures of countrylife"
  • "Luxury homes with private gardens in a setting that's simply outstanding"
  • "Live the dream, it's Dublin by the sea"
  • "Move in the right direction"
  • "South county Dublin's finest"
  • "Dublin city centre, outstanding quality apartments"
  • "Where your address says everything about you"
  • "Live in sustainable splendour"
  • "Other developments wish for it, at XXX we have it all"
  • "As rare as it is beautiful"
  • "A new approach to luxury"
  • "Dreams are made of this"
  • "Make it your time"
Well done to number five for stating the facts plainly. The task of envisaging our life there, is left to us (and the patronising note of such claims as "Your destiny lies here" is thereby avoided).

Thumbs down to the final one. We don't even need to check, we can be pretty sure we won't give it our time.

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