Are you a pretentious punctuator?

Lucy over at [Sunday, July 22nd 2007] thinks she is. She writes:

"We are in the Radisson Limerick. I can't explain why; it's too complex and I'm waaaay too drunk. Apparently, I'm not too drunk to use semi-colons and sixteen [four? - Ph] vowels to emphasise a point. AMAZING. I always suspected I was a pretentious punctuator."

I like it, Lucy - "pretentious punctuator". But, do you live up to the label in your texts too, Lucy? Sadly, I think I do, and I think in text it could be bordering on a personality disorder thing. Semi-colons, brackets and question marks; heck, even capitals - do they really belong in the world of text? What does it say about me that I'm a punctilious punctuator in SMS? (Yes, punctilious has only one 'l'.) (That's not a smiley, there, by the way.)

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