13 ways jobs can go awry

  • The client or the supplier is a desperate person altogether and a desperate communicator.
  • The client’s product or service is utterly irredeemable. The client is uncertain to the point of confusion or speechlessness about their offering.
  • The client and the suppliers fail to hit it off sufficiently for an efficient flow of information to be established between them.
  • The brief turns out to be insufficient due to an exceptionally informal, unbusinesslike attitude at meetings.
  • The suppliers are fundamentally incompetent, lacking in skill, or talentless.
  • The supplier’s internal management and communications undermine the work being done.
  • The suppliers fail to research and understand the context in which the client operates – the market, the company’s principle, their competitors etc.
  • The creative people fail to get sufficiently creative because of off days (or even days off).
  • The suppliers get excited about a better paying and sexier contract that comes along and neglect the job in question.
  • The client fails to respond to the supplier’s requests for input, feedback, clarification or specific material.
  • The client gets distracted by the day-to-day activities of their company to the point that the job dies.
  • The client’s assumptions and ideas about their offering are revised beyond recognition midway through the job.

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