Reform is not served by rhetoric (or by bad writing)

I'm not interested in defending auctioneers here, and I won't waste my time pointing out each flaw in Nick Webb's recent column criticising agents for buying properties listed by their own companies, but I will say that it is a pity he can't write, and that if he was genuinely interested in changing the practices of estate agents in Ireland I don't think he would employ simplistic mud-slinging and overblown rhetoric as his tools.

Enough to copy-and-paste this: "Examples of executives of other estate agencies buying houses from their own firms are rarer to find than a 'Just Sold' sign. Clearly auctioneers are rich guys and need multimillion euro homes. They can't all go to Re-Max. The big agencies have all the plum houses."

Is it just me, or is dis really much worser dan enihten ud find in a teenage txt msg,.!? The writing AND the thinking.

I just find it all so depressing. Sorry.

And apologies for trespassing into journalism again.

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