Exclamation mark, exclamation mark

Who could possibly have put this together? Wouldn't you just love to ask them about it? "What were you thinking about, man? Who made you do it?"

There are quite a few uses of the exclamation mark, most of them outlined here; and shouting is one of them, certainly. There are even instances, maybe, when double exclamation marks work, but this is surely not one of them.

This is just laughable. Are we meant to be surprised that a newsagents is selling papers, magazines and minerals? (In a pathetic way, I am disappointed that they linked minerals with papers and magazines instead of putting cards in there, and linking the minerals with the fruit and confectionary, but hey, I'm obviously troubled.) I am a bit surprised they bother with fruit, and that they call sweets confectionary, but I don't think that's what's intended by the punctuation.

Where we might accept double exclamation marks would be to draw attention to the bizarre situation we have in this country that NEWSagents are selling us prepared food:

Sandwiches, all-day breakfast paninis, pan-fried sea bass with smoked mashed potatoes and star anis!!

Think Kevin Thornton out on the street shouting:

Herald, Star, chips!!

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